As much as we all hate working and that dreaded Monday morning feeling!! We all have to work in order to pay the bills and support our families.

Therefore, every Employer under English Law is under a legal duty to protect their employees and ensure that they are safe from hazards at work.

There may come a time when unfortunately your Employer from time to time or sometimes fall short of such a duty and innocent employees such as yourself suffer an accident or injury whilst at work and carrying out their everyday working tasks and duties.

Should your employer breach the legal obligations and regulations that bind them, then they can be held liable to compensate you the innocent Employee for losses and injuries as suffered as a direct result of such a breach of their obligations and regulations.
Our legal team are well rehearsed and equipped with the knowledge needed to deal with Employers Liability cases no matter how complex your claim may be.

We will assess your claim, at no cost to you, and advise you on your claim. Following an initial assessment of your Employers Liability claim, we will advise you on the merits of your case.  If we believe there is a valid claim for your Road Traffic Incident, we will pursue it for you under a ‘No Win, No Fee’ agreement.  This means that there is no charge to you for the work we do and no deductions from your compensation.

‘No Win, No Fee’ agreements