It is often the case that following a Road Traffic Accident your vehicle is badly damaged and deemed a total loss or a repairable proposition. It may be the case that as a result of a road traffic accident your vehicle is deemed to be “unroadworthy” by a professional qualified independent engineer.

Should the above occur then you would be entitled to obtain a Credit hire vehicle that is a like-for-like replacement hire vehicle on a credit basis as a not-at fault vehicle owner following a non-fault accident.

Your damaged vehicle would also more likely then not having sustained an array of damage and be unsafe, dangerous and hazards to be kept on the public road and thus be required to be placed in safe, secure storage for evidential and preservation purposes thus result in a mountain of costs.

Rather than yourself forking out huge credit hire and storage costs in obtaining such a credit hire vehicle and placing your vehicle in secure storage we have a specialist legal team that will attempt to recover the costs of the credit hire vehicle and storage charges from the at-fault driver’s insurer once the claim is settled.

It is often the case that credit hire may be available to any non-fault vehicle owner whatever their own insurance status – comprehensively insured, third party insured or even (in many cases) uninsured as the claim is not against their own insurance but directly against the insurer of the at-fault third party driver.

The area of law and the numerous rulings and case law surrounding the recovery of credit hire vehicle and storage costs is very extensive and complex and more often then not requires a unique and specialist team. We at Joseph Daniel Solicitors have such individuals and teams designed, trained, experienced and equipped with up to date knowledge to recover such costs on your behalf.